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Stanton DeFreitas holds writing aspirations

June 15, 2016
Although significantly successful as an international business consultant, Stanton DeFreitas has long-held aspirations to become an author -- and he is beginning to pursue this goal. Since his youth, DeFreitas has earned a perspective of cultural diversity about the world. Growing up in the Scarborough suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, DeFreitas was exposed considerably to global perspectives existing far beyond that of him and his family. From unique foods to different languages and wide-ranging ideas on the world at large, this young man gained vast viewpoints on society as a whole. This led to his initial career in business, working with international clients toward their consulting needs.

But his career hopes extend beyond business. Stanton DeFreitas holds a desire to become a published author. He wants to take his ideas stemming from becoming a citizen of the world and extend them to works of writing. His philosophy that others should similarly be citizens of the world who are not limited by their birthplace, broadening their perspectives academically, spiritually and culturally will move into his written pieces. As an author, DeFreitas anticipates writing on the topic of international sport, international travel, health and wellness, and world events.